Who We Are?
The FOUR HER brand derives from four sisters. Born and raised within the heart of London, we have been surrounded not only by western culture, but similarly have been influenced by our very diverse and mixed family background. From fashion trends of high end western designers to traditional outfits of the Middle East, Pakistan and Africa; these variety of cultures have played a vital role in shaping our own personal style and fashion. 


         We love bringing women together from ALL heritages and status’. We design our clothes to make you feel powerful, confident and beautiful. We want to create outfits that every single glam girl can wear without being labelled or feeling out of place. But mostly we want everyone to embrace the elegance whilst feeling and looking happy, inside and out "


How We Started
We have been visiting Dubai since we were children. Having "grown up" in Dubai and since settling there, we began to design, create and wear our own style of clothing. Whether we went out to sophisticated dinners, casual meet ups or just to the mall, people would stop and comment on our designs.

Over time, our girl friends would request for bespoke pieces that embraced both their traditional wear combined with our unique sense of fashion. Eventually, the word spread and resulted in us working with clients for private commissions, both within the UAE and UK. Whilst continuing to design exclusive one off pieces, we have since decided to focus and expand on our limited creations to be accessible to women all over the world. This is how the foundations of FOUR HER were created!

Our Collection
FOUR HER is for modern and traditional women, equally for each and every female who want to stay fashion forward and be ‘GOALS’ in their own right.

The collections are set at competitive prices so that Everyone, Everywhere can enjoy our luxury designs. Our priority will always be to continue using only exclusive fabrics and limited materials. In hand, we will remain in taking great measures to insure quality control of each and every tailored piece.