Gold Shimmer Oud Perfume Oil

Gold Shimmer Oud Perfume Oil


Introducing an ultra hypnotic scent, Gold Shimmer Oud is a super silky luxurious oil-based perfume, enriched with biodegradeble gold shimmer particles. 


Cultivated from plant-based elements, our signature scent captivates the senses by revealing sweet floral notes of enchanting Rose Petals and Ylang Ylang enveloped by Earth's masterpiece ingredients: White Musk and woody Sandalwood, chords of soft Vanilla Patchouli and subtle strands of rich Saffron add to the romantic fragrance before finishing with balanced accents of Calabrian Lemon, leaving an ever- lasting trail of perfect indulgence.

  • Directions

    Carefully shake bottle to activate the glisten in Gold Shimmer Oud Perfume Oil. Using the stick applicator, apply 1-3 drops of oil directly onto skin then gently dab enough for a light shimmering sheen to remain. 

    Focus on pulse point areas: inner wrists, neck and inside elbow. For extra fragranced glow, apply on collarbone and/or rub on fingertips to brush through ends of hair.

  • More detail

    6ml, gift box included in pricing